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Stage readings: Conversations with My Cat (2017)

Cat 1230x461

Conversations with My Cat®
written and directed by Jackie Kleefield

A staged reading performance with one intermission

Eira Fuglstad - LULU
Douglas Enhager - ALEXANDER
Johanna Spadaro - CHEZ

This is the story of how Lulu - a late bloomer in life - falls in love for the first time, learning about the highs and lows that come with it. Alexander, the object of her affection, is drawn to her innocence and naiveté, as he pursues his own dream of being the next Messiah to save the world. Chez, Lulu's part-feline-part roommate -confidante gets involved in the love story as things start to look bad for Lulu.


The reading was performed on Teaterverket 8th of April 2017.

Produced by Teaterverket in collaboration with ABF Stockholm. 

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