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Physical theater

These workshops are part of the first edition of Teaterverkets summer festival - A two day event with different workshops in theater. The focus of the festival is to create a safe space to develop artistically. Other than the workshops in physical teater there will be workshops (held in Swedish) in improvised theater, Meisner technique and script writing.

Are you interested in Physical Theater? There are many different areas to this genre and during the festival you will have the opportunity to take part in three different workshops within the field. The workshops will be held by Kjersti Webb, who is a theater pedagog, educated at Dell 'Arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake and LeCoq Pedagogy. She is teaching at her own company Everything Theater Company. The workshops will be held in English. Kersti will make translations into Swedish if needed. The participants are able to participate speaking Swedish or English.

About the workshops:

Theatre of Spaces and Places

Looking at the spaces around us and how we place ourselves according to space, we change the story we tell. Using Lecoq based pedagogy we'll crack the door open on the world of physical and the spatial dynamics of theatre.

Number of participants: 20

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Characters within - Language before words
This course is an actor-created ensemble training workshop that invites awareness of the body as it shape-shifts through physical action. It also introduces new tools to deal with habits and blocks so that actors can become clean slates capable of creating authentic characters. We will explore a physically poetic path towards the discovery of our own creative impulses while introducing some beginning physical theatre structures. This will enable actors to create specific, informed character choices that are uniquely you.

Number of participants: 20

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Clowning from within

This workshop will focus on helping each person find their individual comedy. Through playful discovery, we will unleash the clown's curiosity and use objects in ways no one has ever thought of using them before. In a world where everyone is trying to be the same, this workshop will focus on celebrating the differences and the beauty within that.

Number of participants: 15

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Theatre of Spaces and Places - Saturday 22/8 at 15.30-18.30

Characters witin - Language before words - Sunday 23/8 at 10.00-13.00: 

Clowning from within - Sunday 23/8 at 15.00-18.00


Location: Teaterverkets stora scen, Sveavägen 114

Notice when you applu for a workshop that some of them occurs at the same time, see schedule:

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