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Danny and the deep blue sea

Danny Hemsidan 

 bokabiljetter  logga lågupplöst rev 9.1

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It is late at night when Roberta and Danny encounter each other in an empty bar in the the Bronx, New York. A brooding Danny is seeking out peace and quiet, while a guilt-ridden Roberta is distrustful of men in general. As they strike up an uneasy and bitter conversation about the demons that unite and divide them, their reservations begin to fade. Giving birth to a spark of painful hope.

Roberta - Elizabeth Ioannidis
Danny - Tom Vermeersch

Written by: John Patrick Shanley
Directed by: JD Glickman

Performing at Teaterverket Västman
Västmannagatan 54

Performance dates:
Friday 3 December - 8 pm
Saturday 4 December - 8 pm
Sunday 5 December - 8 pm
Friday 10 December - 8 pm
Saturday 11 December - 8 pm

Runtime: 80 minutes

The play is produced by Teaterverket in collaboration with ABF Stockholm.

bokabiljetter  logga lågupplöst rev 9.1