4 may doesn’t need to be all about lasers and cinnamonbun hairstyles. At Teaterverket we also want celebrate and put the spotlight on the wonderful and weird world of Improv.

Improv is both exactly what you think it is and also everything you never expected it to be. Its about sharing the unexpected and what will never ever be again. Joins us at our faux live unscripted tv-show where we will present you with a smorgasbord of wildy diffrent take on The Art of Improv and some of its friends as well as the passionate individuals pushing its boundaries.
The show will be in English and takes around 2 hours, incl. break.


DO THE DONTS! 15:30-16:30
”Never do this always do this” is something hear a lot in Improv but rarely do we know the whys to the donts. So lets dig into that together as we make failing the party it deserves to be so we can explore wtf we feel about improv for reals.
Timbo Slize started his improv journey 8 years ago and has studied impro at SIT Presens and Improvisationsstudion in Stockholm.
– I feel the potency of the individual and magic uniquness of a group can get lost between all the text lessons and advice in improv sometimes and Id like to get people to see its a lot about having fun and sharing that /Timbo
Fun & Fun = Fun! 17:00-18:00
Being silly and failing while having fun is the secret sauce to a great Improv Game. Whether your playing Improv Games for the first time or want to heighten your game this is the perfect time to explore that together.
Michelle Dougherty is visiting us from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.
She has been improvising for six years, has her own improv troupe (The Extraneous Commas), is an author and a podcaster (Cliterally Speaking the Podcast), and always leaves her students with enough material and confidence to hold their own shows.

Both workshops are open to all levels. They are free for members of Teaterverket, others pay 40 kr by swish. 

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Spelades på Teaterverket Svea – stora scen
Adress Sveavägen 114


Timbo Slize with friends