Red letter day


After several years in America, Ann returns to her home in rural Ireland to look after her ailing mother, Molly. On the surface everything appears to be as dysfunctional as normal. But Ann has bad dreams. In a series of letters, the source of her nightmares is exposed.

The audience is drawn into the dark, disturbing familial secrets as Ann extracts the truth from her bitter mother and her strange cousin Ambrose who gradually reveals the horror that is his life.

Uppsättningen producerades av Teaterverket i samarbete med ABF Stockholm och med stöd från Stockholms Stad.


Played at Teaterverket Västman
Västmannagatan 54

Running time: 75 minuter


Casting: Sofia Berglin, Colette Lynch, Rasmus Wessman


Written & directed by: Gary Clarke
Directors assistent: Ebba Raab
Scenography: Anders Markstedt, Leif Wicksell
Sound and light design: Simon Pettersson
Original music: Gary Clarke
Music producer: Scott Thompson